A tattoo experience as unique as you.

Whether it is your first tattoo or your twentieth, The Grapevine will provide an experience like no other studio, tailored to meet your needs.

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Resident Artists

The team of extraordinary artists call Grapevine home each have a unique style all their own and are exceptional in their field. No matter what vision you have for your tattoo, we have someone on staff who can execute it perfectly.

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We are always actively seeking applications for more star artists to join us!

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Guest Artists

At Grapevine, we thrive on learning from new experiences, new expressions, and new connections. We welcome exceptional guest artists from all over the world into our shop regularly, and every one leaves their mark on us.

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There’s a reason the best guest artists come from all over the globe to do a creative residency at Grapevine: we will treat you like the star that you are. We are actively seeking applications for new guest artists!

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Our Vision

Grapevine tattoo is all about connection. We bring artists into our shop from all over the world, just as we draw in clients from all walks of life. Through breathtaking art and shared vision, we want to connect you with your best self.

Tattooing a transformative process, and we appreciate the incredible trust all of our clients place in us. From our spa-like atmosphere to our client-centered approach, we want your experience at Grapevine to be like no other studio. We are absolutely committed to ensuring every part of your experience, from the initial consultation to aftercare, is exactly what you need.

A Look Inside

The moment you step inside our shop, you’ll know that Grapevine is different. Is it the warm and welcoming ambience, the impeccable taste in decor, or the enigmatic and alluring personality that sets us apart? Whatever it is that first draws you in, you’ll find something that lets you know you’ve finally come to the right place.

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